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President's MessagePresident's Message

To our shareholders

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for your continued support of our operations and business.

The NS United Kaiun Group incorporates into our activities, every single day, our fundamental principle of contributing to the development of society by providing trusted and high-quality marine transportation services. In fiscal year 2020, due to the reduced visibility in navigating our business, particularly in the first quarter, reflecting restrictions on economic activities in countries around the world caused by the spread of the COVID-19 infections, the Company prepared its earnings plan in July, taking various risks into account. In the second half of the fiscal year, as a result of the launch of new projects based on long-term agreements ensuring stable revenues and our positioning in the dry bulk market against the backdrop of recovering economic activities, earnings were kept at almost the same level as the previous year.

Amid these circumstances, under the Medium-Term Business Plan developed in May 2020, "FORWARD 2030 ~Driving U forward over the next decade~,”  we are committed to becoming “A company that is both profitable and socially responsible” as our vision for ourselves in 2030. In the first year of the plan, we are enhancing earnings stability through the acquisition of new contracts and structural reforms of high priced tonnage and are working toward achieving a sustainable society by setting environmental goals and through other initiatives, led by the newly established Environment Conservation Promotion Group.

We will continue endeavoring to become a company with a sustainable and resilient management base that enables us to capture business opportunities amid the great changes expected in the business environment in the future.

In the fiscal year, the Company posted consolidated revenues of 138,454 million yen, operating income of 6,736 million yen, ordinary income of 5,532 million yen, and profit attributable to owners of parent company of 6,131 million yen.

The Company places shareholder returns as part of the essential managing measures. Our policy is to maintain sustainable dividend payment in accordance with the company’s performance, while securing retained earnings to generate stable corporate growth and respond to changes in operating environment,. Our aiming dividend payout ratio is 30% of the company’s consolidated profit per fiscal year. In this fiscal year, as for the fiscal year ended March 2020, the company have distributed its interim divided of 30.00 yen per sahre, and its year-ended divided of 50.00 yen per share (full year total divided distribution of 80.00 yen per share).

It is our hope that all shareholders will provide even more support, encouragement and cooperation.