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Iron Ore and Coking Coal Transport ServiceIron Ore and Coking Coal Transport Service

Reducing Costs through Efficient Transport

Advanced Fleet Maintenance

The history of our company essentially parallels the overall journey of the steel industry, the foundation of industrial development. Since 1958, when we constructed the world’s first 18,000 dwt iron ore carrier, we have consistently represented the cutting edge in providing larger, more efficient vessels, and significantly contributed to reliable transport and reduced costs. Today, our company owns 90,000 to 100,000 dwt bulk carriers, 170,000 to 200,000 dwt bulk carriers, 230,000 to 250,000 dwt iron ore carriers, and 300,000 dwt iron ore carriers, the ideal fleet for current port conditions. From 2019, the world’s largest 400,000 dwt iron ore carriers are joining our fleet. In conjunction with a wide array of charter programs, we have established a flexible fleet system for meeting the diverse needs of our customers. Moreover, we intend to achieve sustainable growth through environmentally friendly investments, such as the introduction of the most advanced energy-saving bulkers and SOx scrubber in response to the tightening of environmental regulations starting in 2020.


Bulk carrier: NSU TRUST
Built: 2016
Length: 299.95 meters
Breadth: 50.00 meters
Dead weight: 208,747 metric tons

Pursuit of Quality and Efficiency in Transportation

Significant cost competitiveness has been achieved by taking full advantage of our unique ship-operating skills for services mainly for steel companies, resource providers, and energy-related companies worldwide. We actively engage in a combination of trade routes for transporting iron ore or coking coal from Australia and South Africa to Europe for outbound voyages and delivering iron ore from Brazil and Canada to Japan on return voyages as well as trilateral transport across Asia and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. As a critical partner to industry, we ensure stable navigation in close communication with customers.


Bulk carrier: NSU ULTIMATE
Built: 2017
Length: 299.95 meters
Breadth: 50.00 meters
Dead weight: 208,788 metric tons