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Energy Resources Transport ServiceEnergy Resources Transport Service

Contributing to the Global Energy Supply

Transporting Vital Energy Resources across the World

By ensuring the stable transport of resources, our Energy Group supports Japan’s industry where most of its energy resources are imported. With 70,000 to 100,000 dwt bulk carriers and very large gas carriers (VLGCs) as its main vessels, the Group transports thermal coal for domestic and overseas electric power companies, environmentally friendly biomass fuels, and LPG (liquid petroleum gas) consumed by various industries and households. In addition, we conduct a wide range of businesses, such as the transport of raw materials to steel companies across the world, the transport of grains across the Atlantic Ocean, and a combination of trade routes that deliver raw materials from Asia to our customers in Europe for outbound voyages, and grains from Brazil to Asia for the return trips.
The Group also procures the fuel oil for all of our operating vessels. Our strong relations with domestic and overseas oil companies ensure stable and cost competitive procurement through futures trading and other means. At the same time, we are responding to stricter global environmental regulations on SOx and other emissions.


Bulk carrier: RISING WIND
Built: 2014
Length: 228.99 meters
Breadth: 32.26 meters
Dead weight: 82,151 metric tons

Deploying Our Services around the Globe

Our subsidiaries in the U.K. and Singapore are assigned to operate a part of the Group’s fleet to meet a wide variety of international marine transport needs and create diverse, efficient transportation patterns. We focus on the timely procurement of practical, up-to-date information available only “on the ground” in local areas, leading to identifying new business opportunities.
We are committed to providing high-quality services from locations that are as close to customers as possible in order to gain their trust, capitalizing on the wealth of technologies and experience we have amassed.


Built: 2016
Length: 229.90 meters
Breadth: 37.20 meters
Dead weight: 54,312 metric tons