NS United Kaiun Kaisha,Ltd.

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Tramp Chartering ServiceTramp Chartering Service

Flexibly Responding to Various Transport Needs,
at Any Time, to Any Place

Versatile Transportation Services

The Tramp Chartering Group offers transport services connecting every port throughout the world using our fleet, with a focus on Handysize Bulkers (20,000 to 60,000 dwt). A variety of commodities, including steel products and heavy structures such as plant infrastructures, and bulky raw materials such as nonferrous metals, grain, fertilizer, salt, cement, and limestone are transported. Especially in the transport of steel products, we have accumulated unrivaled expertise since advancing into this field in 1966, and we are continuing to expand the overall scope of our business.

Steel products loaded in the hold

Steel products loaded in the hold

Extensive Overseas Network

We were the first company in the Japanese shipping industry to establish an overseas network with commercial bases in the U.K. and U.S., which along with Tokyo, Japan, enable us to closely monitor the global shipping market around the clock. We have aggressively expanded business through Japan-based cargo as well as in worldwide trade throughout North and South America, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean. Our business accomplishments are highly regarded by both domestic and overseas customers. In addition, our U.S. subsidiary operates a fleet in the Atlantic Ocean and focuses on developing new businesses and customers by meeting local needs in a timely manner. Our wealth of experience and expertise allows us to offer transport services at any time, to any place, in response to any customer requirements, establishing our Tramp Chartering Group as a dynamic presence worldwide.


Bulk carrier: ATLANTIC PRISM
Built: 2019
Length: 182.90 meters
Breadth: 31.00 meters
Dead weight: 39,172 metric tons