Medium-Term Business Plan

Medium-Term Business Plan (FY 2020-2023)




2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the merger that formed NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. Following the achievement of “NSU2021 - Next Stage after United for 2021 -”, the previous Medium-Term Business Plan, we have established our new Medium-Term Business Plan, FORWARD 2030, which is centered on ESG initiatives, to achieve further progress for the next decade based on our group corporate philosophy of contributing to the development of society by providing sincere and high-quality marine transportation services. We will continue to enhance our corporate value and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society through implementation of ESG management.

The NS United Kaiun Group supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Key Strategies

Strengthening the Brand Power

Since our merger, we have built up the U brand as a symbol of security and trust in the services and quality we offer our customers. To strengthen this brand, we will move ahead with ESG initiatives, including improving safe navigation and environmental conservation. As well, we will introduce digitization and other advanced technologies, invest in human resources, and reinforce corporate governance.

Building a Sustainable Business Structure

We intend to expand our strategic business domains, including initiatives that meet transportation needs toward a low carbon society, in addition to improving transportation contracts with domestic and overseas customers, which have provided stable returns as our core business. Our coastal shipping division, which is also a pioneer in coastal LNG carriers, boasts the largest fleet tonnage in the industry. We will work to enhance the division’s comprehensive strengths, including innovative technology initiatives aimed at establishing a position as an advanced environmental company.

Establishing a Resilient Management Base

We see the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to continually develop our business continuity planning (BCP), including further improving risk management to prepare for unexpected circumstances. We will also strive to be a business enterprise attractive to our shareholders and other stakeholders by firmly maintaining a solid financial base through business administration focused on capital efficiency, as well as continuing to provide stable dividends.

Financial Targets

We have set the following financial targets for the final fiscal year of the Medium-Term Business Plan.

FY 2023
Consolidated operating income exceed 10 billion yen
Return on equity (ROE) exceed 10%
Net debt equity ratio 1.0 time or less

Investment Plan

When making investment decisions, we will effectively determine the ESG-related risks and opportunities while seeking to achieve both a return on our investment and the creation of a sustainable society through the resolution of ESG issues. We are reconsidering the level of business investments in view of the global economic stagnation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We will announce the amounts later, based on future trends.

Shareholder Returns

Our basic policy is to continually return profits to our shareholders based on our performance, while securing the internal reserve funds necessary for stable corporate growth into the future and for responding to changes in the business environment. Given these circumstances, we are aiming for shareholder returns with a dividend payout ratio of at least 30%.

Please see the attached presentation materials for more information.