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NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. (hereinafter called "our company") complies with the Securities Exchange Law and the timely disclosure regulations established by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and other stock exchanges listing our company. Based on the philosophy of transparency, fairness and continuity, our company provides shareholders and investors, on a timely basis, with information on matters of managerial importance which is influential to investment decisions, and also actively publishes information deemed effectual for better understanding of our company. In order to help the shareholders and investors to understand our business conditions, we are going to enrich the Investor Relations section of our web site, use printed materials and media coverage of various tools, and answer their questions directly.

To prevent leaks of account settlement information and secure fairness, we may decline to make comments or answer questions regarding account settlement for a certain period before the release of financial statements. In this regard, however, if the difference between the announced forecast and the actual results of the operating performance turns out to fall within the range of volatility specified in the timely disclosure regulations, we will disclose the information immediately and appropriately by Timely Disclosure network run by Tokyo Stock Exchange(TDnet), press release, and in other proper ways.


Investor information posted on our web site is simply intended to inform you about NS United Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. (hereinafter called "Our Company"), and is not intended to solicit investments. The information on our web site may include forecasts based on the judgment of Our Company from the information available as of the release day. Actual operating performance may be different from those forecasts. The potential also exists for falsification or misuse of the posted data by third parties. Please understand that Our Company will in no event be liable for such actions. Please refrain from making decisions based only on information from our web site, and use your own discretion in determination of investments.