Initiatives to support Safety

Striving for zero marine accidents, the NS United Kaiun Group makes every effort to maintain safe navigation based on the following four principles both to ensure high-quality services for our customers and to promote environmental conservation activities on a global scale.

1. Establishing a safe navigation management system

Aiming for a stronger safe navigation management system and cooperation between sales and technology divisions, the NS United Kaiun Group has established a system to carry out the vessel safety management of the entire Group in an integrated fashion, and has built a Safety Management System based on the International Safety Management Code of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The Safety Management System also meets the ISO 9001:2015 international quality management standard.

2. Convening the Safety and Environmental Committee

The Safety and Environmental Committee, headed by the president, regularly reviews our Environmental Management System (including our Environmental Policy) and ensures safe navigation. We are deeply committed to conserving the global environment by continually improving our Environmental Management System.

3. Establishing a crisis management system

Based on our regulations for handling casualties at sea and other emergencies, we have adopted initiatives to prevent marine accidents, including management strategies and internal systems to handle accidents, if and when they occur, focusing on such activities as periodic emergency response exercises and regular reviews of our risk management systems.

4. Offering training sessions for crewmembers

We provide training sessions, including seminars and OJT to all crewmembers on our owned vessels. For young Japanese officers, we established a “concentrated upgrade plan” to develop officers in the short term. To enhance the employment and training of non-Japanese crew, we continually send our staff for training to the Philippines and Vietnam.