Stock Information

Accounting Date March 31 every year
Date of the ordinary general meeting of shareholders Late June every year
Record Dates General shareholders’ meeting/Year-end dividend March 31 every year
Interim dividend September 31 every year
(when implementing interim dividends)
We will make announcements
otherwise as needed.
Transfer agent Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. Address:
3-3 Marunouchi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Mailing address and
Phone number for inquiries (1)
8-4 Izumi 2-chome, Suginami-ku Tokyo 168-8507 JAPAN
0120-288-324 (toll-free call)
Service counters to represent
the transfer agent (1)
Head office and nationwide branch offices of Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd. Head office and nationwide branch offices of Mizuho Investors Securities Co., Ltd.
Unit shares 100 shares
Newspaper used for announcements Nihon Keizai Shimbun, published in Tokyo
Listed-securities exchange Tokyo
Code Number 9110

(1)If you have a securities account, please contact the securities company where you have business with. Requisition forms for transfer, address change, etc. can be downloaded from the "Procedures" section on the web site of Mizuho Trust & Banking ( in Japanese. Also, its "Locations" section provides information on branch offices across the country.