Board Members


  • President, President Executive Officer,
    Representative Director
    Kazuo Tanimizu

  • Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer
    Masahiro Samitsu

    Responsible for;
    Finance and Accounting Group,Project Group

  • Director, Managing Executive Officer
    Naruhiko Miyai

    Responsible for;
    Tramp Chartering Group, Near Sea Group

  • Director, Managing Executive Office
    Toru Fujita

    Responsible for;
    Safety Management Group, Ship Management Group
    Environment Conservation Promotion Group Leader
    President of NS United Marine Service Corporation

  • Director, Managing Executive Officer
    Shinichi Kitazato

    Responsible for;
    General Affairs Group, Investor Relations,
    Internal Control and Corporate Ethics,
    Promotion of Business Structure Reform,
    Digital Transformation,
    Assistant to Safety Management Group
    President of NS United Systems Co., Ltd.
    President of NS United Business Co., Ltd.

  • Outside Director
    Kazuma Yamanaka

  • Outside Director (Independent Director)
    Masayuki Kinoshita

  • Outside Director (Independent Director)
    Setsu Onishi

  • Outside Director (Independent Director)
    Isamu Nakamura

Executive Officers

  • Corporate Auditor (full-time)
    Yoshifumi Nakata

  • Outside Corporate Auditor (full-time)
    Masanori Ando

  • Outside Corporate Auditor (Independent Auditor)
    Yasuhito Mitani

  • Outside Corporate Auditor
    Shohei Yamamoto

Executive Officers

Managing Executive Officer Naoki Asuwa Energy Group
Managing Executive Officer Kiyoshi Kanemitsu Capesize Group
Managing Executive Officer Toru Kihira Tramp Chartering Group
Executive Officer Yasuo Nakajima President of Philippine Standard Shipmanagement Inc.
Director of NS United Marine Philippines Inc.
Executive Officer Takamasa Takami Safety Management Group Leader
Assistant to General Affairs Group
Executive Officer Hideto Soya Tramp Chartering Group Leader
Executive Officer Yuji Ono Capesize Group Leader
Executive Officer Yoshinori Sato Project Group Leader