NS United Kaiun Kaisha,Ltd.

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Corporate PhilosophyCorporate Philosophy

Group Corporate Philosophy

Basic Philosophy
The NS United Kaiun Group will contribute to the development of society by providing trusted and high-quality marine transportation service.
Management Philosophy
  1. Credibility and Reliability Increase the corporate value of the Group as a whole by practicing sound management that is credible and reliable.
  2. Safe Navigation and Environmental Protection Strive to ensure the safe navigation of vessels at all times and continue training to improve the operational skills of crews on vessels in order to take a role in protecting the global environment including the seas.
  3. Response to Customers and Reform Vigorously pursue further progress through reform while effectively responding to customer needs.
  4. Nurture and Mobilize Employee Abilities Nurture employees and mobilize their abilities to develop a dynamic Group that employees can take pride in.
Corporate Code of Conduct
  1. Comply with laws and regulations and act with high ethical standards.
  2. Engage in fair and free competition and appropriately conduct transactions to maintain sound, responsible relationships with policy makers and the government.
  3. Broadly communicate with the public, proactively and fairly disclose corporate information, and strictly protect and manage information.
  4. Create a safe, healthy, and pleasant working environment with due respect for the individuality and diversity of employees.
  5. Actively contribute to the local community and society as a corporate citizen.
  6. Have no relations whatsoever with anti-social forces or organizations, and take a firm stand against any unreasonable demands.
  7. Conduct business in compliance with national and regional laws and with respect for international norms as well as culture and custom including human rights.
  8. Comply with this code and establish a system for ensuring its implementation. In the event of infringement, we will endeavor to promptly investigate the cause, prevent a recurrence, and effectively fulfill our accountability.